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Menopausal Symptoms More Common in Women with History of Intimate Partner Violence

While we have identified various sociodemographic variables as factors which modulate vulnerability to menopausal symptoms, no studies (to my knowledge) have looked at how a history of intimate partner violence (IPV) or other traumatic exposures may affect susceptibility to menopausal symptoms.   A recent study looked at menopausal symptoms in 2,016 women (40 to 80… Read More »

Women With Slim Hips Are More Prone to Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease, Says New Study

Women with slim hips may get diabetes (Photo credits: Pixabay) London, December 28: While putting on weight is dangerous for health, women who have slim hips could be at risk of diabetes and heart attacks, finds a new research. The study showed that putting on weight around the hips is actually safer than accumulation around the… Read More »