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The Goals of Different Types of Counseling

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) The goal of different types of counseling varies depending on what they are. In CBT, the goal is to maintain a positive mindset and reframe negative thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on training your brain to think positively: avoiding generalizations, black and white thinking, and so on. Behavioral therapy is all… Read More »

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men: Types & More

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Definition When we talk about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in men, we’re talking about testosterone. A small amount of testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands, but for men the majority of testosterone is produced in the testicles. Testosterone has both physical and psychological benefits.1 Physically, the hormone has several functions for… Read More »

What types of pain can HIV cause?

Experiencing pain is common among people living with HIV. Types of HIV-related pain can include headaches, joint pain, and abdominal cramping. Pain can have a profound, negative impact on people’s overall quality of life. One study revealed that people with HIV were more likely to experience pain than those without HIV. The researchers also found… Read More »