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US doctors publish rallying cry to ban on torturous conversion therapy

US doctors publish rallying cry to ban on torturous conversion therapies that are STILL legal and practiced in 32 states About seven percent of LGBTQ+ people in the US report going through conversion therapies that attempted to change their sexuality  People who have been through conversion therapies have higher rates of depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide… Read More »

Dream Therapy: Do Dreams Have Meaning?

Dreams have been the subject of fascination ever since the first human closed their eyes. Some people can vividly remember childhood dreams, while others wake up and forget what they were dreaming about. There are some who have cliché dreams like falling, while others may dream about an oddly specific person or event. Dreams occur… Read More »

Commentary: Novartis CEO: Gene therapy offers hope of cures in a treatment, but US needs new pricing, payment model

We live in an incredible era of progress in human health. Advances in cell and gene therapies are beginning to yield powerful new treatments for some of the most devastating illnesses. With many of these new therapies we are no longer combating diseases over time, but potentially curing them in a single treatment. This is… Read More »