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Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

By  Donna Maurer Green tea is a hot topic in the skincare world right now, but its health benefits have been known for centuries. The ancient Chinese beverage has been credited with a wide range of health benefits, including improving your immunity, boosting energy levels, increasing focus and memory, and even supporting your metabolism. Some… Read More »

Detecting skin cancer: Is a handheld magnifying tool better than the naked eye?

Could an extra 72 seconds in a routine skin exam help detect skin cancer? This month a group of experts from the United Kingdom released a report on the effectiveness of a small handheld magnifying device called a dermatoscope in diagnosing melanoma compared to a dermatologist’s naked eye. Cochrane, an organization that gathers evidence to… Read More »

Too Much Time in the Sun? Skin Patch Might Tell

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5, 2018 (HealthDay News) — A new mint-sized, battery-free patch that alerts wearers to potentially harmful sunlight exposure in real time might become a powerful weapon in preventing skin cancer. Powered by the sun while designed to measure its rays, the patch automatically transmits sun readings to a user’s smartphone. It works wet… Read More »