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The Treatment Gap: In Rehab, ‘Two Warring Factions’: Abstinence vs. Medication

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Just past a cemetery along a country road, an addiction treatment center called JourneyPure at the River draws hundreds of patients a month who are addicted to opioids and other drugs. They divide their days between therapy sessions, songwriting, communing with horses and climbing through a treetop ropes course. After dinner, they’re… Read More »

Located on a drug-trafficking route, this rehab clinic lets addicts shoot up

Those without seats loiter in hallways, and others able to bear the sweltering heat outside play checkers under a canopy of overgrown mango trees. They are here for the Center for the Integrated Management of Addictions. A nurse calls them one by one dispensing a small cup of blue liquid. It’s a daily routine for… Read More »

What is Sex Addiction Rehab?

Drug Treatment Programs Columbus of the time, those individuals particularly younger individuals who just arrived at puberty stage new to sexual restoration and striving to keep their sexual sobriety have listened to about “inpatient sexual dependancy treatment” as a advised option. Nonetheless, most of these people don’t have any clue what inpatient sexual habit therapy… Read More »