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What Is the Meaning of Gaslighting: Signs & Symptoms of This Mental Abuse That Made It to the List of Oxford’s Words of the Year 2018

What is gaslighting? (Photo Credit: oxforddictionaries.com) Every year the Oxford Dictionaries are updated with new words. The Dictionaries choose new words annually in accordance with the occurrences in the world. The list of words this year- 2018 happens to be quite negative. The word that was hailed as the word of the year was ‘toxic’… Read More »

Meaning of Invoice

Invoice is a file read full reportused as a billing declaration provided by the seller to the purchaser where the invoice contains information of the item purchased, system price as well as overall rate, along with the day of purchase. Generally, invoices are made in 3 copies, where one copy is for the buyer if… Read More »