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Don't eat glitter, FDA warns: How to tell when the sparkly substance is actually edible

Not all glitter is edible, the FDA said in a warning on Friday. (iStock) It may look tempting, but that sparkly glitter on top of a freshly baked cupcake, cookie or other tasty treats may not be safe to eat. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) re-issued the warning Friday, reminding consumers that “some… Read More »

Don't Smack Your Kids!

Schoolboy being held by another boy so he can be birched by the teacher, while the rest of the class watches with enjoyment. From “The Comic Almanack for 1839: An Ephemeris in Jest and Earnest, containing ‘All Things Fitting For Such a Work’ by Rigdum Funnidos, Gent.” Illustrations by George Cruikshank. Published by Charles Tilt,… Read More »