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Blockchain pilots expected to show results in specific use cases

Several pilot projects using blockchain technology in healthcare are expected to wrap up in 2019, expected to show demonstrable results in commonsense use cases. Those demonstration projects could prove the value of the technology to the healthcare industry is solving vexing information coordination problems, such as ascertaining the accuracy of data in provider directories and… Read More »

Blockchain And The Resistance Of Incumbents

The level of innovation over the past century has been unprecedented. As each new discovery or invention gives birth to hundreds of spin-off products or services, the competitive landscape becomes more crowded and cut-throat. What represents opportunity for the entrepreneur is a threat for the incumbent and both need to adapt to remain in the… Read More »

How blockchain could make an impact in healthcare

Blockchain, like other young and disruptive technologies, offers wide opportunities to impact healthcare, an industry that is primed for disruption. Despite being the largest sector of the U.S. economy, healthcare is plagued by slow systems, wasteful financing, and resource utilization and operational inefficiencies. To address these issues, innovative solutions like blockchain can alter the arithmetic… Read More »