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A List of Alleged Grammy Winners Was Leaked and the Recording Academy Is NOT Here for It

So, last night a list of alleged Grammy Award winners was leaked to Twitter—prompting a full-blown meltdown…. The original tweet has since been scrubbed from the internet, but it made some pretty-pretty-pretty bold claims…like Taylor Swift winning Best Pop Album and “Shallow” winning Song of the Year, for starters: So, are these claims legit? Not… Read More »

Coaching & Training Women Academy Spotlight: Diana Edgell

Name: Diana EdgellAge: 33Location: Springfield, VA What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Academy and the GGS-1 Certification?I feel very passionately about the importance of strengthening women. All women, in all ways. I was excited for the opportunity to be a part of a growing movement towards inclusion… Read More »