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If You Live in These Regions, Pest Populations Are About to Spike

April showers bring May flowers, but a wet winter is just guaranteed to bring spring and summer bugs. Here’s how bad it’s about to get in your region. Courtesy National Pest Management Association After an overly wet winter across the United States, earlier-than-normal pest population explosions are expected in most areas of the country, as… Read More »

A Survivor Fan Tweeted an Idea About Idols, and Jeff Probst Actually Added It to the Show

CBS Photo ArchiveGetty Images Survivor is a show that is ever-changing, with twists, immunity idols, and advantages constantly in play―I mean, Cirie Fields was eliminated from Survivor: Game Changers because she was the only one at that tribal council without an advantage. It can get pretty hard to keep up with it all, but a… Read More »