Having Sex to Deal With Cooler Temperatures? 10% Brits Are Making Out to Avoid Bills of Central Heating

Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay) It is the time for winter and as much as we all enjoy the coolness in the air, we look for a little warmth. The Brits have found the ultimate solution to seeking warmth from their partners. Getting cosy with your partner on a winter noon would sound like a good… Read More »

The Burning Question: Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Increasing Burn-Care Costs?

By CELIA BELT  Each year in the United States, half a million Americans will be treated for burns so severe as to require hospitalization. The “survivors”—including more than three hundred children each day and a drastically increasing number of U.S. military members since the turn of the millennium—can be expected to undergo arduous, agonizing surgeries and… Read More »